How to identify Pure Mustard oil

How to identify pure mustard oil ?

Pure mustard oil, Best quality Mustard oil, How to identify pure mustard oil in the marketplace ?, How to identify impure and adultrated mustard oil ? etc. all details in this article.

Often we go to the market to get Mustard Oil. But we are not able to identify whether this oil is pure or not. Nowadays almost every item available in the market is adulterated. But we are unable to identify it. Today we will tell you about how mustard oil is identified. So let’s go.

Impure Adulterated Mustard Oil

To identify adulterated mustard oil, first of all, take the oil in a small vessel and keep it in the refrigerator and take it out the next day, if the oil freezes, then understand that the oil is adulterated.

impure mustard oil

Some people add dalda to it. Due to which the mustard oil freezes. And dalda is harmful for your body. Often people selling street food in the market mostly use this oil. That is why it is said that one should not eat fried food outside.

Identify pure mustard oil.

Some Ways to Identify Pure Mustard Oil

  1. Pure Mustard oil never freezes. That is its specialty. No matter how cold it is or why you keep it in the refrigerator.
  2. To know the purity of mustard oil, you put the oil in a pan and heat it. After a while, when the oil is heated, a lump emerges from it and it starts getting in the eyes. So understand that the oil is pure and without adulteration.
  3. Apart from this, while cooking, put oil in the pan and heat it. If the oil starts leaving foam, then understand that the oil is adulterated. Because pure oil never leaves froth, but the grain comes out of it, which is in the eyes.
  4. There is another way by which you can find out the purity of the oil. Take a few drops of oil in your palm, rub it and take it near your eyes, if you feel bitterness in your eyes, then understand that mustard oil is pure.

In today’s article, you have been told some home uses by which you can find out the purity of Mustard oil to a great extent. There are many types of mustard oil sold in the market. So buy it at your own discretion. Don’t go for advertisements. Tell us how you liked this article of ours by commenting. Thank you.

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