Healthy tomatoes

How to identify healthy tomatoes in the market?

Healthy Tomatoes : Often you will go to the market to get vegetables or get them ordered from an online site. Tomato is the most consumed vegetable among vegetables, people use it to make the vegetable tasty. There are many types of tomatoes available in the market. By the way, China is the largest producer of it. But in India also it is grown in large quantities. Tomato grown in India is a very healthy tomato.

Red tomatoes

Tomato grown in India is very tasty and nutritious. We also call it indigenous tomato. This indigenous tomato is nutritious and delicious to eat. Let us know how to identify indigenous tomatoes.

Identification of Healthy Tomatoes

People are often attracted to them after seeing the dark red color tomatoes. But often after buying them it is seen that they are not tasty. Because many types of medicines are added in the cultivation of such tomatoes, due to which these tomatoes ripen quickly and they become dark red in color. Such tomatoes should not be bought. These are very harmful for our body.

unhealthy Tomatoes

Indian Healthy tomatoes

Indian indigenous tomatoes are delicious and nutritious to eat. Its taste is mildly sour. Its color is not dark red but light green and light yellow. You will see that it is still raw. But it is cooked from inside. You can correctly identify it in the picture shown below. Even if you keep these green tomatoes at home, they gradually turn red in a few days.

Indian Healthy Tomatoes

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